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  • Review by Joan M. Ostrove
    Michelle Nario-Redmond’s Ableism: The Causes and Consequences of Disability Prejudice is a comprehensive review and an incisive critical analysis of theory and research on stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination toward people with disabilities. From a multi-faceted investigation of the roots of ableism to a theoretically and empirically grounded analysis of strategies […]
  • Review by Doron Dorfman
    Book Review of Ableism: The Causes and Consequences of Disability Prejudice The interdisciplinary intervention Nario-Redmond is doing in her new book, Ableism: The Causes and Consequence of Disability Prejudice, is exactly what disability researchers across disciplines need. In her timely and extremely rich account of psychological theories and applications of […]
  • Chapter 6
    Chapter 6. Contending with Ableism from Internalized Ableism to Collective Action Although narratives and perspectives of disabled people are integrated throughout this volume, Chapter 6 is devoted to research documenting insider reactions to ableist treatments ranging from the subtle gestures of disgust, objectifying stares, and invasive questions to the more […]

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